The next big holiday in Buffalo is DYNGUS DAY and the good news is celebrations are on this year. 

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You may remember that Dyngus Day festivities were canceled in 2020 and relatively restricted in 2021, but it is back just like old times – except the parade route is going to look a little different.

This year, the parade route will be on Broadway from Memorial Drive to Fillmore Avenue. The big after-party also is adapting a bit since there will be construction underway at the usual location at the Central Terminal. Instead, the party will be in the streets. 

Dyngus Day is all about rebirth and really having a new lease on life, so 2022 is the perfect year to bring the fun and celebrations back to Western New York! The celebrations will include live entertainment.

This year, Dyngus Day is celebrated on Monday, April 18th. 

Buffalo is home to the biggest Dyngus Day celebration in the United States. There are a lot of Western New Yorkers of Polish-American descent, hence why you may hear your neighbor call Buffalo the “Dyngus Day capital of the United States.” This will be the 61st year of the celebration.

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