While email may seem like the most popular form of communication, especially in the workplace, it appears Gen Z is choosing another way to keep in touch.

Thierry Delaporte, CEO of Wipro, a technology and consulting firm that employs roughly 260,000 people around the world, revealed that 10 percent of his employees don't bother checking their email — not even once a month.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the IT professional explained his Gen Z workers use Instagram and LinkedIn to communicate with him instead, as they believe the social media and networking apps "work better" and are more efficient.

"They’re 25, they don’t care. They don’t go on their emails, they go on Snapchat, they go on all these things," Delaporte said.

According to the New York Post, Gen Z and millennial workers have been quitting their jobs in droves due to poor work-life balance and unattractive salaries, forcing employees to consider creating "a workplace that is more attractive" to young professionals.

"Younger people often have unique ways of approaching business practices like collaboration," Creative Strategies CEO Ben Bajarin wrote in an op-ed for Fast Company.

“Their approach may have been influenced by tools they’ve grown up with in the consumer world, and it may not always fit with the most commonly used tools in business. And as these users get older and come to constitute the main part of the workforce, business tools will be forced to adapt their tools to accommodate them," Bajarin continued.

As more individuals work remotely or take on hybrid work schedules due to the pandemic, video meetings have become the new norm as remote workers turn to platforms such as Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype to keep in contact with one another.

Now, it seems like email might be just another technological casualty of the changing times.

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