Woah! Talk about a nice save!

At Bristol Mountain Ski resort just down the 90 in Rochester, NY, there was an incident that happened all over the country. Now, we do not know exactly if she slipped or how she got to that point, but one skier was dangling from the chair lift when resort workers stopped the lift and sent out a rescue team.

A video was caught on a phone from someone waiting in a few chairs behind in the air as employees grabbed a tarp and successfully caught her as she fell from the lift. What do you think happened? Did she load the lift wrong and just never got situated right? Maybe she was having a medical emergency?

There is no exact word on what happened and an investigation has been launched by the ski resort. Also, there is no updated condition on the girl.

These types of incidents have happened before at other ski resorts. Last year, at a ski resort in Canada called Grouse Mountain Ski Resort a young boy was hanging from the chair lift when another group of skiers actually helped him with his fall. Check out the video here below! Scary stuff, but luckily everyone was okay afterward!

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