A startling video has gone viral on Twitter featuring a former running back for the New York Jets.

There is no denying that physical abuse in romantic relationships is real, and it’s a reality for people that is more common than we’d like to believe. One in every four women (aged 18 and older) in the United States have been a victim of physical violence by an intimate partner at least once in their lives, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, compared to one in every seven men in the U.S.

Just because it’s never happened to you (or you have never witnessed it) doesn’t make it any less real.

A video has been circulating around the internet showing one woman struggling to defend herself against her ex-boyfriend’s violent actions.

That boyfriend is the former running back for the New York Jets — Zac Stacy.

Stacy, who played less than ten games for the New York Jets back in 2015, allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend in the head a couple of times before throwing her body into a nearby television. 

Stacy came over to see his 5-month old son at the ex-girlfriend’s home in Florida, but it quickly took a turn for the worse, attacking the woman in front of their infant.

After Stacy appears to have body-slammed the mother of his child into his bouncy seat, Stacy seems to have walked out of the home. 

Part of the violent attack was caught on a surveillance footage video, available below.

After Zac Stacy fled the scene, the woman called 911 to alert them of the situation. 

She has since requested a restraining order against Stacy — to protect herself and her son.

The woman received medical treatment at a local hospital. 

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