There’s a new record high for U.S. gas prices, and a majority of our gas pumps in Western New York have surpassed the country average. 

According to Triple A, the national average price of regular gas per gallon has jumped to $4.37, making it a record high for gas per gallon in the United States.  

The average of $4.37/gallon may not sound that bad, but it’s actually worse in Western New York. 

Some gas stations in Western New York are at least 20 cents above the average! 

According to Triple A, the average cost of gas per gallon in Erie County is $4.44, while Niagara County has an average cost of $4.32 per gallon, and even then the gas pumps are showing prices way above that. 

One gas pump that is nearly 30 cents above the national average is the Sunoco on Niagara Falls Boulevard. 


Yup, you read that right. To get gas at the Sunoco on Niagara Falls Boulevard and Ellicott Creek Rd in Tonawanda, it will cost $4.69 per gallon, which is 32 cents above the price per gallon national average.

“No one else on the Boulevard is near that price,” Jason (the person who snapped the picture) said. 

That’s not the only gas station showing insane prices. 

It’s even higher at the corner of N. French Rd and Transit at Kenton’s. One person reported those pumps to read $4.73/gallon as of Tuesday morning. 

One Sunoco in Lockport had gas priced at $4.70/gallon. 

Duane in Buffalo said he noticed a 50 cent jump at the Sunoco at Union and Center in just two days, from $4.19 to $4.69. 

Ironically, there seems to be a theme with Sunoco gas stations across Western New York, showing the most dramatic increase in prices. 

People are eagerly looking forward to the “gas tax holiday” that goes into effect June 1st, but how much money will that really save you at the pump when prices are rising so quickly?

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