If and when the Bills fire Sean McDermott, this coach might be his replacement.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott is on thin ice as the Bills are in danger of missing the Playoffs. Not helping McDermott is his knack for finding ways to lose close games. The latest was a 37 to 34 Overtime loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. There's also the infamous 13-second game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. His quarterback, Josh Allen, has never won an overtime game, and many would argue that is not Josh's fault, but McDermott's conservative coaching.

Will the Bills pull the trigger and fire their head coach that essentially helped save the franchise after 17 years of missing the playoffs? It's hard to tell but if they follow league trends the answer is yes. So, who might be his replacement? The answer, in my opinion, is obvious after this news today:

Frank Reich will be the next coach of the Buffalo Bills.

No, I'm not rooting for this. No offense to Frank.

No, I have no sources saying it will happen.

This idea is based entirely on a hunch.

The man is a legend in Buffalo. He was Jim Kelly's backup for many years and orchestrated the greatest playoff comeback in NFL history. He had bad luck with the Indianapolis Colts and was quickly fired by the Carolina Panthers after only 11 games this season.

So why would the Bills hire him?

3 Reasons Frank Reich Will Be the Next Buffalo Bills Head Coach

1. Nostalgia, which owner Terry Pegula likes and will help him sell tickets to the Bills' new stadium. People are suckers for nostalgia and it sells.

2. He was a Carolina guy. Bills GM Brandon Beane came from Carolina and regularly hires and signs people from the organization.

3. Reich is a good offensive coach with a Super Bowl ring in Philly to prove it. It's common for NFL teams to hire the opposite style of coach when they find theirs. McDermott is defensive-minded. Reich is the opposite.

The Carolina connection would be so ironic as well. I can feel the eye rolls writing it.

What do you think?

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