This might be a little premature, but given the cooler temps and rain we've seen recently (and the fact that the leaves have actually been falling all summer due to near-drought conditions), it’s time to face the facts: Summer is coming to an end, and for a number of reasons -- eight to be exact -- we’ll miss you, old friend.

  1. Driving to work with the windows down and the music pumping is so much more enjoyable than driving in a steel/aluminum bubble.
  2. Farmers markets.
  3. Nothing compares to a pint of shandy or a margarita when mercury hits the 85-degree mark.
  4. Whacking golf balls at the driving range, preferably with one of the aforementioned adult beverages nearby.
  5. Shows at the Harbor, Artpark and the Canal in Lockport.
  6. Festivals galore. Juneteenth, Allentown, Infringement, Greek, Lebanese, Taste of Buffalo, etc.
  7. The Bisons. Sure, they’re pretty awful this year, but for people who simply like the novelties of baseball -- peanuts, popcorn, Conehead -- a game makes for an entertaining evening.
  8. Boats.

But it’s not all bad news. With fall comes the Bills, awesome smells, pumpkin everything, and -- only about two months away at this point -- Halloween. The costume brainstorm session starts now.

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