Invite your guests to be grossed out and delighted with these bizarre food recipes for the Halloween season -- like the Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines above. I dunno...I would eat it!

Jell-O Blood Worms
Jell-O Blood Worms, The Idea Room

I just threw up a little from looking at the Jell-O "Blood" Worms. Ack -- I hate worms! Still, these ones sound kinda tasty.

Kitty Litter Cake
Kitty Litter Cake, Kids Kuisine

The Kitty Litter Cake surely will gross out your guests. It's amazing how melted Tootsie Rolls are so convincing as cat poop! Just remember to serve the cake in a new kitty litter tray.

thorax cake
Thorax Cake, Do It Myself

The Thorax Cake is truly horrifying, yet completely edible. "The thorax cake -- grossing out the internets since 2003," says the recipe.

puking pumpkin recipe
Spookamole Recipe, Some Call It Natural

Some may find Spookamole flowing out from a puking pumpkin to be disturbing, but it looks delicious to me. Then again, I can never say no to guacamole, no matter which way it's served!

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