How far would you go to win free Metallica concert tickets? A guy recently called into New York's classic rock radio station Q104.3 and sang a Taylor Swift song in the style of James Hetfield — and he won the hearts of the station's listeners.

The man, whose name is Tim, uploaded the audio from the call to YouTube. The Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show were giving away a pair of tickets to both of Metallica's New Jersey shows next August, which will be held at Metlife Stadium.

Apparently, contestants had to call in and sing any song of their choosing in the style of Hetfield, and thus, Tim grunted Swift's massive 2022 hit "Anti-Hero" over the phone. Following his performance, the station's hosts jokingly questioned how he knew the Swift song, in which he replied that his fiancé is a Swiftie.

Beware, Tim. They can be dangerous.

It was a seemingly close competition. Based on the audio, Tim's Hetfield impression beat the other contestant by only two votes, but a win is a win. Loudwire reached out to Tim and learned that the other contestant sang Van Halen's "Panama," so it's easy to imagine why it was such a close call.

Listen to Tim's audio below.

Congrats to the winner for giving his best Papa Het and for winning the tickets. Metallica will be playing at Metlife Stadium on Aug. 4 and 6, with Pantera and Mammoth WVH opening the first night and Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills opening the second. By then, their upcoming 11th studio album 72 Seasons will have been out for a few months. You can check out the rest of their tour dates and purchase your tickets through this link.

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