This time of year we get inundated with calls, and commercials and signs from political candidates.  But if you were paying attention this year, someone has been playing a prank with them.

The signs are on every corner.  They almost get to be like white noise on your drive.  You know they're there, but you don't really pay much attention to them.

But this year, if you did, you would have noticed that someone is playing a bit of a prank with a "Stranger Things" theme to it.

The signs look like this:


Jim Hopper is the name of the small town cop on the popular Netflix series "Stranger Things."  The sign says, "Jim Hopper - He'll Go To The Upside Down And Back For You."

While many people might think it's confusing and have been wondering who the heck Jim Hopper is, the people who watch the show get it.

Nicely done prankster.  I approve of your prank.

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