It's already been a huge year for TV and movie production in Upstate New York and now HBO MAX is bringing another series to the area.

Several productions have already filmed, or are getting ready to film in the area like HBO's "The Gilded Age", Amy Schumer’s “Life & Beth” for Hulu, and Mindy Kaling’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” filmed around Vassar for HBO Max. “White House Plumbers,” starring Woody Harrelson, is also filming in the Capital Region and the Hudson Valley.

In addition, movies that are out now like "A Quiet Place 2" and "Werewolves Within" were also filmed in Upstate New York and are out now. By the way, both are great and totally worth seeing. "A Quiet Place 2" is still in theaters and, in my opinion, is even better than the first movie. I saw "Werewolves Within" on Amazon Prime a few days ago and it's a great dark, funny, horror movie that feels like "Knives Out" or even "Clue".

Now HBO MAX has announced that they have decided to shoot the new reboot of "Pretty Little Liers" in Upstate New York. Filming will mostly be in Saugerties and in the area through March 2022. That's a long stretch of filming that will be a huge economic boom for the area.

"Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" is a darker, present-day iteration of the popular 2010-17 series that was a big hit on the Freeform Network. The reboot of "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" stars Chandler Kinney and Maia Reficco and will be mostly shot on the soundstage at Upriver Studios in Saugerties according to

So far there haven't been any casting calls or calls for extras for the production, but I would expect them to be announced soon.

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