Thank god the world is discovering Max Creeps, one of the world's most mysterious underground bands that apparently have quite a devoted following. Though having no documented physical recordings, the duo of PC Bullshit and Max Blastic have been wowing those in the know since their early gigs at the Masque back in 1975. Now one of their biggest fans, Henry Rollins, has come forth to share with the Loudwire audience his rather rare and elusive stash of Max Creeps concert fliers.

Their breakup earlier this year brought about massive outcry from some of their peers, with the group hearing the support and ultimately reuniting and revealing new album plans. That appeared to be just the break they needed to get some mainstream attention and now there's more fervor than ever when it comes to uncovering bits of Max Creeps' past.

Rollins himself knows exactly how much Max Creeps "fever" there is right now, fending off bids for some of his Max Creeps memorabilia. But a bit reluctantly, he decided to share some of his collection of fliers that he's amassed over the years.

"I'm turning these images loose with some hesitation. I know it's the right thing to do but for years, I've been getting offers to sell or trade my MC flyers. Lenny, Florence, Australian Ted and Eddie Creepface should know that just because I'm letting you see these, I'm not any closer to parting with them. Never. Going. To. Happen," he tells Loudwire with a sense of defiance.

Sharing his memory of one of their most legendary shows (at least in the minds of those who were there), Rollins recalls, "That show Max Creeps did with 5150, known as 'the frozen nightmare' because the 5150 drummer was icing his hand to reduce swelling and was too high to notice he had frozen his little finger to where it lost circulation and had to be amputated. I got the flyer from him. He didn't want to part with it as it was a reminder of the last time he had 10 fingers. It was three years of negotiation. If you want the really cool stuff, you have to think outside the box. Looking at the flyers online is as close as you're going to get."

Luckily for us and our viewing audience, Rollins is a giver! Enjoy an exclusive look at his collection of Max Creeps fliers below. And you can look for PC Bullshit and Max Blastic back in action with their new album Nein expected on May 13 via Velocity Records. Pre-orders for the set are available here and you can check out their videos for "Burn It Down" and "The Internet Killed Me" below. In addition, fans can see exactly what drew Rollins and others in when they hit the road on their "Nobody Cares About You" tour in June and July.

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