You are on vacation and you're walking around and SOMEHOW, someone looks at you and sees your Buffalo Bills hat and they go 'GO BILLS', 'we are from Buffalo, too!)

It doesn't matter. Once you live in Buffalo and you grow up a Buffalo Bills fan, you are one for life. No matter if you move millions of miles away and there's an NFL team in your new town.

It's absolutely amazing to see all of the Buffalo Bills fans all over the country and that is why there are so many Buffalo Bills backer bars all over the country. The Buffalo Bills team recognizes how many there are, too and that is why they make sure they highlight one out of town bar or restaurant that supports the Bills each month! Check out the map below and see exactly where all of the Bills backers are located. It's amazing to see all of the ones that are in Florida--you can barley even see the state itself at all!

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One guy on reddit runs a bar and wanted to know how to make his bar BETTER for Bills fans:

Here’s a question for all the Bills fans not fortunate enough to still live in Buffalo- what does / can your local Bills Backer group do that makes it awesome?

I’m looking at improving our experience and was wondering what other places do- merchandise, local food days (ie flying in Mighty Taco), offseason picnics, charity events...??? What does your local out of town group do that makes it awesome?

Here were some of the answers:

Local food/ drink options. If I could get a sahlens and a Labatt blue I’d be thrilled. Good big screen with good audio... that’s all this guy needs

Plenty of bars will do a roast beef sandwich, not too hard to see about getting 'weck rolls for Sunday's!

I help run the club in Atlanta and some things that work for us:

-officially register with the Bills. They will send you a box of swag to give away

-have Buffalo offerings on the menu: wings, Labatt, beef on weck, Sahlens, etc

-get a badass t shirt made

-organize a trip to an away game

-charity events and fundraisers

-squares game has been popular

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