Although Bills fans are looking ahead to Sunday afternoon’s highly anticipated home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders, Monday night’s dismal display from Josh Allen still weighs heavily on our minds. 

For much of the game (especially in the second half), Allen looked nothing like the steady quarterback we’ve come to rely on, committing four turnovers in their 22-16 OT loss against the New York Jets.

Allen immediately owned up to his poor performance post-game,

“I hurt our team tonight. I cost our team tonight. It feels eerily similar to last year, and I hate that it’s the same.” 

X via @awfulannouncing/Canva
X via @awfulannouncing/Canva

(Allen was referring to the last time the Bills visited MetLife Stadium in 2022, where he threw two interceptions in another loss to the Jets.)

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We can only speculate why our star QB played so badly. Some speculate that Allen was shaken up after learning the extent of his good friend Aaron Rodgers’ injury. However, other eagle-eyed fans have a different theory about why he didn’t do well, and it has them very concerned.

Did Josh Allen Suffer A Concussion On Monday Night?

According to The Big Lead, it looks as though Allen may have hit his head in Monday’s game against the Jets - not just once, but twice. 

The first time his head hit the ground was when he was running the ball through the Jets defense. The second took place when he threw the interception to Jordan Whitehead.

You can clearly see that Allen looked dazed and confused while he was being helped off the ground, and would go on to commit two more turnovers, another interception and a fumble, in the 4th quarter. 

Fans on social media were outraged that the QB wasn’t checked out immediately, fearing a similar situation that happened to Tua Tagovailoa last season.

Even though the thought of Josh Allen getting a concussion is scary stuff, we’re choosing to believe that he’s okay. We’re trusting that the Bills’ medical staff is on top of that stuff, and that he wouldn’t be on the practice field this week if he wasn’t healthy, due to the NFL’s strict concussion protocol. 

We’re also choosing to believe that Allen will be back to the star QB we know and love this Sunday, and that we’ll walk away with the win at Highmark Stadium.

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