The NFL season is officially over after last night's Kansas City win but that's not stopping a former Buffalo Bill from looking toward the future.

As a Bills fan, it's frustrating to watch the Kansas City Chiefs win yet another Super Bowl. It feels like we're going to go through the same dominance we saw from the New England Patriots, only this time they're not in our division.  The Bills had their chance and they still couldn't get over the hump.

Today, one of the former Buffalo Bills is claiming that his days of playing in the NFL's biggest game aren't over.

Fournette signed with the Buffalo Bills

Leonard Fournette signed with the Buffalo Bills in October of 2023.  He was a Super Bowl winner during his time in Tampa Bay so many fans were hopeful that he might be some added leadership that might be able to help guide this team to the promised land.

As the season went on, however, we didn't really get to see much of him.  He was still on the practice squad for a lot of the games toward the end of the season.  With James Cook playing well, it would've been a shame not to give him the carries that he deserved.  So Fournette didn't see much playing time in the backfield.  He didn't actually see the field until December 23rd.  He played in week 16 against the Chargers and then was cut in January.

Fournette claims that he isn't done playing in Super Bowls

Today on Twitter, Fournette claimed that he wasn't done yet and that he had more Super Bowls to play in.

That's a pretty bold claim coming from the running back.  At 29 years old, he's not exactly a spring chicken in the backfield, but he could provide some veteran leadership in a locker room that could use it.

Would the Bills have any interest in bringing Fournette back in 2024?

If Fournette does end up getting to a Super Bowl, it probably won't be with the Bills.  The Bills are going to be looking to shed money this year and not spend it.  But they don't have much in the backfield for next year behind James Cook.  Damien Harris, Latavius Murray, and Ty Johnson were all on one year deals.

Running back will be another position of need going into free agency and the draft.

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