Going into 2024, you probably have made some goals for yourself which falls in line with what some of your aspirations are…right?

Out of all U.S. households across the country, 29% of people live alone (which adds up to about 37 million people). It is an ever-increasing trend in the United States, but it looks like some places are more lonely than others. 

The Chamber Of Commerce looked at research recorded by states and cities, and they found out that we have not only one, but two, cities that continue to rank on the Loneliest Cities List. 

In order to find the Nation’s Loneliest Cities, the Chamber of Commerce compared housing data across “more than 170 cities” in the United States “with a population of at least 150,000 from the Census Bureau.”  

And out of all the cities listed, there were two Western New York cities that make the top 20 ranked loneliest cities in America. 

Those two places in New York are:

  1. Buffalo, New York 
  2. Rochester, New York

In Buffalo, 41.6% of households are one-person homes, and in Rochester, there are 40.9% of one-person households in the area

However, these three cities are by far the loneliest in 2024

  1. Washington, D.C. - 48.5% one-person households
  2. Birmingham, AL - 48.2% one-person households
  3. St. Louis, MO - 47.5% one-person households

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