There are plenty of creepy crawly critters that skeeve us out when we stumble across them in our homes. But there’s one in particular that makes our skin crawl at just the thought of it - cockroaches. 

If you’ve ever stumbled across a cockroach, you know exactly what they mean. They can scare the pants off of you when you flick on the light in a dark room and you see them scatter away - not to mention they’re big, they’re super fast, and when you see one, there’s usually more. So gross!

Roaches are not your run-of-the-mill home pests. Not only do they look absolutely disgusting (those billions of little legs - ugh!) but they also carry a wealth of diseases along with them. 

One city here in Western New York is apparently a  little more familiar with these repulsive creatures than most, considering they were recently named one of the most “roach-infested” cities in America. 

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A Western New York City Named One Of The Most Roach-Infested In The US

Pest Gnome analyzed data from the 2023 US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine their new rankings of the top 25 “roachiest” cities in America. 

They scored each city based on the share of homes with signs of cockroaches in the past year (which had the highest weight), the historical average number of extremely hot days (which held the 2nd highest weight), and the number of pest control workers per 10,000 households (the lowest amount of weight), using the average of these to determine a city’s “roachy” score. 

Although it just barely made the cut, this Western New York metro was “roachy” enough to be featured on Pest Gnome’s nasty list. 

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Rochester, New York Named One Of The “Roachiest” In America

It looks like the 585 is now known for more than just lilacs and garbage plates. 

Rochester landed at #24 out of 25 on Pest Gnome’s “Roachiest Cities In America,” with an overall score of 16.36. It was the only city besides NYC to make the list in all of New York State.

The ROC was ranked 22nd in both homes with signs of cockroaches and average number of hot days (thanks to our freezing Western New York winters). Unfortunately for Rochester residents, that often will send the roaches shuffling inside our homes for warmth. 

The good news (if you choose to see it that way) that came out of Pest Gnome’s data is that Rochester was ranked 3rd overall for number of pest control workers per 10,000 households; so when residents first spot that scurrying brown bug in the middle of the night, they should have no problem finding someone to send them on their icky way. 

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