The Buffalo Bills recently parted ways with Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey.  Evidently, this former player was hoping he might get a shot at the job.

After a rough first 10 games to the 2023-2024 season, the Buffalo Bills have decided to make a change to their coaching staff.  On Tuesday, The Bills decided to part ways with Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey in the middle of his second year calling the plays.

Who knew that former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was interested in the role?

It's obviously a joke from the former player who is known for wearing a shirt with the phrase "Why So Serious?" under his jersey.  He added the Joker emoji at the end of the sentence to make sure everyone knew he wasn't really upset and that he was doing just fine with his family.

Although he's a beloved player who still cheers for Buffalo every chance he gets, there's no telling what kind of play-caller he would be.  But hey, maybe he would be awesome.  We don't know.

For now, the Bills will stick with their former quarterbacks coach Joe Brady to call the plays for the rest of the year.  He's no stranger to the job.  He came to Buffalo after being the Offensive Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in 2020 and 2021.  We are all hoping that he has more success with the roster in Buffalo than he did in Carolina.  His offenses there were ranked 30th in 2020 and 29th in 2021 under Matt Rhule. However, he has seen success in the past when he was the passing game coordinator in 2019 with LSU the year they won it all with Joe Burrow under center.

The Bills will see their first game with Brady calling plays this Sunday as they take on the Jets in Orchard Park at 4:25 pm.

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