If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you saw Taylor Swift.

The pop superstar had flown in from her tour in Japan to root on her current boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

While you saw plenty of shots of Taylor celebrating, there was one video that you didn't see on National TV. It was Taylor acting like everyone else when they were shown on the Jumbotron at a football game, doing something crazy.

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Check out this video of Taylor Swift chugging a beer when she realizes she is on the Jumbotron at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

It is so cool to see that one of the biggest superstars on the planet is just like an everyday person. Now to be fair, I am assuming that she is drinking a beer. It looks like a beer and she has been seen at other games enjoying beer, but I cannot for 100% say she is chugging a beer, but it is pretty awesome if she is. This has been a trend for a while now on social media. There has been a woman who they call "Beer Girl" who always chugs a beer at the US Open when she is shown on TV.

It is fun to see that Taylor is having fun at these football games and enjoying herself.

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