The hype is real and there are high expectations for the Buffalo Bills.

First, ESPN ran over 20,000 simulations of the upcoming season and projected the Super Bowl champs to be the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen to be the league’s MVP. Now, it is evident that a majority of people will be backing Josh Allen and the Bills this season, according to recent sales of NFL jerseys.

The Buffalo Bills start their official season Sunday, Sept. 12 at Highmark Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Bills Mafia already has their jerseys picked out. 

Since August 1st, the top selling NFL jersey is Josh Allen’s, and while you might expect this, you may be surprised at what NFL jersey came in second.

No, it was not Tom Brady -- his jersey sits in third place in terms of top selling. However, the second-highest selling NFL jersey was, in fact, a New England Patriot by the name of Mac Jones (I’m sure you are familiar).

This is a big deal, not only because the Bills Mafia hates the Patriots, but these sales are a good sign (and hopefully a telling sign as well) for the upcoming season.

The Bills have momentum from an incredible run last season where they won the AFC East Championship for the first time in over 20 years and made their return to the AFC Championship game, where they unfortunately fell to the Kansas City Chiefs.

I know this is probably basic, but I’m going to say it anyway...THIS COULD BE OUR YEAR! You’ll want to snag a Josh Allen jersey before they are gone from the shelves.

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