You probably have wondered over the last few weeks if the place where you purchased your lottery ticket has some kind of effect on the likelihood of winning. And they kind of do. 

Did you know that…the retailer you decide to buy your lottery ticket from, it actually does affect that business’ likelihood of winning a lump sum of their own. 

On top of the sales and commission from the lottery ticket sales, there are bonuses available for retailers, and a lot of people are unaware of this. 

And while a majority of gas stations are ran by corporate, it's important to acknowledge which ones are locally owned and which ones are not.

Perhaps the most popular gas stations that are locally owned are the Seneca One Stops, and that would be the best gas station to purchase a lottery ticket from because local business owners on the reservation will then receive a portion of the lottery winnings, a.k.a. "the bonuses."

These bonuses vary from state to state, but you should know that wherever the winning lottery ticket is purchased, that retailer gets to collect a lump sum of their own, regardless of the total lottery winnings. It could be as low as a $1 scratch-off win or as high as the Mega Millions jackpot. 

On average, a store receives a “bonus” of anywhere between 4.5-7 percent of the amount won on the ticket, but according to the NC Lottery Mega Millions website, a retailer earns 7 percent for selling a lottery ticket. That means that every $1 cashed in, the retailer receives 7 cents. For $2 tickets, the retailer would receive 14 cents. 

It adds up! And if you are planning to play the lottery this time around, why not support a local business in the process?

Since there are a lot of gas stations that are corporate-run, it is important to note where you can get a lottery ticket from locally so it benefits our community.

When you are purchasing your Mega Millions ticket, make sure you consider these 9 local businesses.

9 Bars That Sell Lottery Tickets in Western New York

Did you know that the retailer who sells a winning lottery ticket will receive a monetary bonus for it?

If that is the case, why not #shoplocal when you purchase your Powerball or Mega Millions tickets? Here are 9 local bars in Western New York that sell lottery tickets.

If someone wins the Mega Millions jackpot this Friday, with a whopping total of $1.025 billion, the retailer that sold the winning ticket will receive $71,750,000! 

In New York, it looks like retailers only get 6 percent of the winnings, which still averages to $61,500,000.

So yes, it matters where you purchase your lottery ticket. Not just for you, but those local business owners across the state! 

Choose wisely where you pick up your next Mega Millions ticket, and may all the luck be on your side!

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