Another locally-owned business announced this week that they will close in the coming weeks, but it doesn't look like this one will be permanent. 

This diner in the Southgate Plaza has been a Western New York staple for years, and after 12 years, it’s time to say goodbye to perhaps the best brunch place in town --at least for a while.

A friend of the owner, Diane, announced via Facebook that Christes Diner will permanently close its doors. The decision comes after much debilitation to keep the restaurant going, but there have been too many struggles and it has become exhausting for Diane and her family. For context, the owners of Christes Diner in West Seneca have been working nonstop to keep the restaurant going, but they have been unable to find enough employees to fully staff the business. 

According to the source, Diane told the friend that made this announcement that she had tried nearly everything to find employees, including but not limited to help wanted ads on the internet, in the newspaper, etc., and for a variety of positions -- cooks, waitresses, waiters, 

At the end of the Facebook announcement, Diane’s friend, John Martino, gave a brief bit of hope in keeping the establishment up and running. 

“If you are already retired but want to work,” Martino said. “Please see Diane because I believe, as she already let me know, [she] would gladly give you employment….and in turn, help her save her establishment.”

The Facebook announcement was originally published in a West Seneca Facebook group, but it was deleted hours later. Whether it was deleted by an admin of the group or John Martino himself is unclear; however, one member of the West Seneca group, Nancy Cichon Swain, copy and pasted the original post to her Facebook. 

You can read John Martino’s full announcement, as republished word for word by Nancy Cichon Swain, below.

An official announcement was made by Christes Restaurant on their Facebook page that paints a bit of a different picture. 

"While we have had to adjust our hours weekly, it is to accommodate covid restrictions and staff scheduling.

Christes is NOT closing permanently!!"
Maybe the friend had a misunderstanding?

Breathe a huge sigh of relief. Turns out, there is more Christes to be shared with the world!

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