Jack has always wished that Martha Stewart was our grandmother. She could decorate the house and bedroom, keep up the garden, and best of all, make cookies!

The Martha Stewart Cookies app for the new iPad 3 allows you to pick the brain of one of the best cookie makers around. The app comes with more than 90 recipes and the option to purchase more recipe bundles. You can browse through different cookies using the "cookie runway." The cookie wheel allows you to search cookies based on flavor or type of cookie. Collect all of the cookie recipes that you want and then share them by e-mail or through a Facebook post.

What is really cool about this app are the extra features. Available with this app are instructional videos, baking tips, shopping lists and kitchen timers. There is also a feature where you can box up your cookie recipes and share them as gifts with your own personalized packaging.

This app is only $4.99, and if you enter the Jack's Shameless iPad Giveaway, Martha's favorite cookies can become your new favorite cookies on your new iPad 3!

Contributed by Brandon Kilijanski