Cover versions of Metallica songs are so ubiquitous that Metallica themselves are releasing a covers album of their tunes next month. And while many outside takes on the band's music interpret it uniquely, it still seems rare to come across one that substantially reimagines it.

But now and again, a Metallica cover with enough ingenuity will come along and knock your socks off.

That's certainly the case with the harp cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" that Spanish performer Whiteveil (Rosa Maria Rodríguez) unveiled in a YouTube video on Monday (Aug. 23). The instrumental rendition of the Black Album ballad comes across like a billowy, blissed-out anthem of relaxation — all ethereal string sounds and even harmonics — in contrast to the dynamic bombast of the original track.

Interestingly, Metallica themselves recently uncovered their own orchestral version of "Nothing Else Matters" that contains no drums or loud guitars — it's just one of the many bonus tracks on the expanded and remastered reissue of the Black Album that arrives Sept. 10.

The Metallica Blacklist, the tribute set with Black Album songs by over 50 different artists, comes out on the same day. So far, Royal BloodWeezerVolbeat, Biffy Clyro, OFF!Jason IsbellSt. VincentJuanes and Miley Cyrus have previewed their respective Blacklist covers.

Listen to Whiteveil's Metallica harp cover below.

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Whiteveil, "Nothing Else Matters" (Metallica Harp Cover)

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