Metallica's upcoming reissue of The Black Album, as former bassist Jason Newsted showed earlier this week, has a huge amount of extras in the expanded edition of the remastered 1991 effort.

Many of those are rare live recordings, such as an energetic 1993 performance of the album's "Of Wolf and Man" captured in Mannheim, Germany, that Metallica shared on Wednesday (Aug. 18).

It's just the latest weekly tease from the influential metal act as the Sept. 10 release date of the remastered Black Album and its accompanying tribute set, The Metallica Blacklist — a covers album with Black Album songs recorded by over 50 other artists — draws near in celebration of the album's 30th anniversary.

The live "Of Wolf and Man" shows just how spirited Metallica remained in the afterglow of The Black Album as the band crisscrossed the globe on tour. Nearly two years after the album's release, frontman James Hetfield was still riling up the audience before songs.

"So, this one goes out to all you fucking crazy animals out there," Hetfield's heard saying in the intro of the Mannheim excerpt. "You're all going to let loose tonight, man — tonight's fucking it. 'Of Wolf and Man!'"

The track comes from the Live at Maimarktgelande double CD included in the deluxe box set reissue of the self-titled Metallica LP that's come to be identified more so by its dark color.

Metallica have also shared previously unreleased versions of "Nothing Else Matters," "Through the Never," "Don't Tread on Me," "Wherever I May Roam," "The Unforgiven" and "Sad But True" in the lead-up to the reissue. WeezerVolbeat, Biffy ClyroMiley Cyrus, St. Vincent and others have previewed their respective covers from The Metallica Blacklist. Pre-order the reissue here; the Blacklist here.

Listen to the live "Of Wolf and Man" below.

Metallica, "Of Wolf and Man" - Live in Germany (May 22, 1993)

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