There are going to be some sad weed smokers in WNY! A truck carrying 3,300 pounds of weed was seized crossing into in Buffalo.

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The marijuana was on its way into the United States from Canada, according to WIVB. This past Saturday morning (June 13), a 30-year-old man from India was crossing the Peace Bridge into WNY. He said he was carrying peat moss. He was hauling something green, but it definitely wasn't peat moss!

U.S. and Canadian investigators found 58 boxes full of bags of weed. The total seizure was 3,300 pounds with a street value of $5 million. Somewhere in Canada, a drug kingpin is pissed, I can guarantee you that. The driver, Gurpreet Singh, was charged with with unlawfully importing and possessing with intent to distribute 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana. If he is convicted on the felony charge, he'll be sitting down for a mandatory 10 years, up to life, if he receives the maximum sentence. On June 5, another Indian national was caught trying to bring $2 million worth of weed into the U.S.

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