Your girlfriend has probably had February 14th secretly penned in her calendar all year long, but maybe you should be planning a date on February 15th (and that isn’t some kind of joke because Feb. 15 is National Singles Awareness Day).

I’m a proud advocate for a delayed Valentine’s Day, and trust me, by the end of reading this, you will be too, if you like to save money, that is. Ha!

When I was in college, I remember going to Aldi to do some grocery shopping the day after Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t help but notice that the chocolate aisle was dangerously low priced. (I say dangerously because discounted chocolate is just convincing enough to coax you into treating yourself with chocolate that we probably don’t need).

You may have to buy yourself the heart-shaped chocolates, because that tends to go out of style until next Valentine’s Day, but there’s five popular chocolate brands that typically go on sale the day after Valentine’s Day, including:

  1. Godiva
    1. You can usually get two for the price of one!
  2. Lindt
    1. Lindt is typically 50% off in stores and online!
  3. Hershey’s
    1. Nothing says I love you like some Valentine’s Day Hershey’s kisses, which means they will go out of style by Feb. 15!
  4. Russel Stover
    1. This brand can be found at almost every drugstore, and it’s usually about 20% off the following day.
  5. Elmer
    1. Elmer’s may be the simplest form of Valentine’s Day chocolate, but it still works to cure a bad mood. 

If your significant other wants to celebrate with you on February 14, then by all means you should, but don’t forget to treat yourself the following day because YOU. DESERVE. IT.

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