Cute alert! Cats on the tracks!

New Yorkers are notorious for being in a rush, so you can only imagine how much of a loop they were thrown for when on Thursday when a pair of subway lines were grounded to a halt by two kittens who got loose on the tracks.

The felines managed to sneak onto the tracks in Brooklyn, prompting city officials to spend about an hour trying to lure them to safety and suspending service on the B and Q lines.

If you’ve ever tried to coax a cat to you, you know it’s no easy task. Eventually, power was restored while the kittens remained on the track while trains started whizzing by again.

Fortunately, the cats were saved and taken into the care of animal welfare officers, which is a good thing – no New Yorker would be pleased if the subway was shut down again, especially when they’re trying to hightail it out of town before a holiday weekend.

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