June 15 marked the tenth anniversary of Nik Wallenda’s famous walk across the falls on a highwire. In honor of the accomplishment’s anniversary, Niagara Falls officials announced plans to add a new statue near the falls to celebrate the historic walk.

The city of Niagara Falls is planning to add the statue, according to News 4, “near the western end of Old Falls Street at the foot of Prospect Street, right in front of Niagara Falls State Park.” 

You can see where that location is below. 

You probably won’t see the statue until at least another year has passed, but you should know that while it’s nearly $150,000 to put up the statue, it is privately funded, so don’t worry about your tax dollars. 

The anticipated statue will show Wallenda stopping during his highwire act to point at someone. 

You can relive the stunt, and see Wallenda point at 4:46 in the video. 

On Wednesday, Niagara Falls also awarded Wallenda a Key to the City of Niagara Falls on Wednesday. 

Wallenda hinted that he may do another walk across the falls before he officially retires his career as a professional daredevil, but he would start in Canada if he were to do it again.

Wallenda prefers not to be untethered, as he wanted to the first time he walked the falls on a highwire. 

You can see more of the story below, thanks to our friends at News 4. 

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