You just can't make this stuff up, folks. There are a lot of things people do to pass the time while stuck in traffic -- mess with the radio, look at their phones, check their makeup and so on. One bus driver took it to a whole new level, though, by playing with his uh, gear shifter.

NJ Transit Bus driver caught performing a lewd act

According to ABC Eyewitness News in New York, 41-year-old George Simpson, a NJ Transit bus driver was caught on camera performing a sex act on himself while driving. He is accused of putting his passengers at risk and has since been removed from his job.

A passenger on the bus, who was sitting directly across from the driver, recorded Simpson in the act. The footage includes Simpson sitting in traffic with "it" in his hand, as well as Simpson continuing to hold "it" while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel. He then "wraps it up" by reaching for a wipe.

What's amazing about the video is that the passenger recording it doesn't seem nervous or uncomfortable about recording it and Simpson, being the "responsible" driver, doesn't even notice he's being recorded because he keeps his eyes on the road. His hands, well that's whole different story. We guess when you're rolling through rush hour traffic, that whole concept of keeping the hands on "ten and two" go out the window,

You can watch the very graphic footage that the passenger shot below. And by graphic, we mean it doesn't leave much to imagination.


Do you think Jackie Gleason's character Ralph Kramden, who drove a bus on the 'The Honeymooners' would've ever got caught doing something like this? We don't think so.

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