The NY State Police has issued a warning to WNY residents of the latest scam and this time it is coming through your mail. Several residents in Erie County have reported receiving this letter so make sure you are on the look out and warn your family friends.

The letter is coming from a "bank" in the UK titled NatWest Bank and the letter is promising an "inheritance opportunity". This is obviously not a true statement and the State Police are advising those who do receive this letter not give out any personal information or respond to the letter in anyway.

In general if you are getting information out of the blue about someone needing money or wanting to give you money it is likely a scam. The best thing is to never engage and never ever give out person information to someone you don't know or have never heard of.

Here is what the letter look like-

In a press release from the NY State Police they announced that they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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