I've lived in Buffalo my entire life in Buffalo and I love the people here and let's face it, we don't deal with the traffic that other cities do.

However, driving through Western New York can be very frustrating and something I've always noticed since living here is just how often drivers do this when driving on the thruway and highways around Buffalo.

I drive down the 190 north and south almost every day, going to and from work. I usually drive all the way down the 190 south from downtown to the 90 split and every single time -- quite literally, every single time, there are drivers who try and cut over to the 90 westbound from the far left lane.

You know the drivers. The ones who drive 75+ and try and squeeze their way in at the last possible second; even when there is barely any room because of the line of cars in the middle lane before the 90 split.

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I get it. Nobody wants to drive below the speed they want to, but it's extremely dangerous what some of these drivers attempt to do and I saw a driver on Wednesday after 5 pm try this and barely missed wiping out because the road was running out and there was barely any room.

The same thing happens at the 290/90 split, going towards the Big Blue Water Tower. I have seen accidents there because of drivers speeding in the far left lane, trying to bypass the line of cars going the speed limit, and cutting over at the last second to go on the 90 westbound.

It seems this is really prevalent in Buffalo at these few interchanges. It's always going to happen but is it really worth saving the extra three or four seconds getting to your destination?

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