Looks like this Unrestricted Free Agent might be going to play for the enemy

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Which if you think about it... is not really a good thing. You never want to have one of your former players on a team you have to play twice a year. Little exposures in the way an offense or defense is run makes a big impact on how you need to play.

We saw this story on the front page of msn.com this morning and knew you'd want to hear about it or maybe you already did.

Hogan, 27 has been with the Bills since 2012 and has done his fair share of hauling in the catches. His career stats (including Miami and Buffalo) are 87 receptions for 959 yards and 6 touchdowns (according to Wikipedia) . 36 of those passes came last year with 450 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also threw a touchdown to Tyrod Taylor.

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
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No he is not Sammy Watkins, but when you have good receivers around your top guys it only makes it that much easier to win. Lets face it though, the Pats need a wide receiver, Edelman and Gronk can only do so much and Hogan should be able to take of that pressure. If not then... who cares it's the Patriots!

From what we read though, the Bills would have to pay a significant amount to keep him around when we could definitely find something better out there. So if he stays great, do better this year, if he goes... We don't think many people will complain... too much!

Here is a highlight slide show... it's pretty short though.

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