As KISS hit the homestretch of their "End of the Road" touring, the question remains whether or not original guitarist and drummer Ace Frehley and Peter Criss will return for guest appearances. And while the current KISS lineup is approaching 20 years together, Paul Stanley reflects on why fans still clamor for a return of Frehley and Criss and why something resembling a full time return is an "impossible" thought.

Speaking with SiriusXM's Jim & Sam Show, Stanley stated, “Well, the original four are the original four. We were the ones who started this and created the template that we still stand by today. I think where people go wrong is when they think that things can remain timeless and that time doesn’t take its toll."

He continued, “You may want mom and dad to be back together, but it didn’t work out. And we had amazing moments and amazing times, and we did some phenomenal things together which, look, tie me to them forever. But that’s not the fairy tale; it doesn’t end there.”

Stanley reiterated a previous talking point stating, “I’ve said before: we couldn’t have been here without Ace and Peter, and we couldn’t be here today with Ace and Peter."

The vocalist then commented on why the fascination with Frehley and Criss' return remains a hot topic, stating, “I think people yearn for something that is – I was gonna say ‘impractical.’ I would say impossible. It’s great to look back on, but it’s not that different than if you break up with somebody and years later you go, ‘Wow. Why did that happen? Let me go back.’ You go back and it’s not the same anymore. And you quickly realize, as we did, why it didn’t work out the first time. That’s why it didn’t work out the second time."

KISS "End of the Road" world tour resumes Aug. 18 in Mansfield, Massachusetts, with dates currently scheduled into October. Get ticketing info here.

Paul Stanley Tells SiriusXM's Jim & Sam Show That Reuniting Original KISS Lineup Is 'Impossible'

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