Poison drummer Rikki Rockett has tested positive for COVID-19 despite having previously been vaccinated against the virus.

The rocker took to social media to share his experience with fans. "I have COVID,” Rockett matter-of-factly admitted in a video posted to YouTube. The drummer went on to explain how his son first came down with symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later, Rocket began feeling unwell and also tested positive.

"Guess what: I'm vaccinated,” the rocker further noted. “I'm fully vaccinated, and I've been vaccinated for months. I don't know if this is the delta variant, but every physician I've spoken to said it has every hallmark of being the delta variant."

Rockett proceeded to go through his symptoms, ranging from everything from a dry mouth, to a runny nose, to chills and sweats through the night that left him “soaking wet.” The drummer explained that he’s been self-quarantining in his camper for several days and is now almost entirely symptom free.

"You're probably thinking to yourself, 'Vaccinated and you still got COVID. Do you feel like an idiot for getting vaccinated?,'" Rockett pondered out loud. "No. The reason I don't feel that way is because I know that this would be way worse, especially if it was the delta variant.”

Rockett, who is a cancer survivor, noted that his previous health issues could have left him vulnerable to a severe COVID-19 reaction.

"It could have been a lot worse,” the musician admitted, sounding cautiously optimistic. “I'm not on a respirator. My doctor told me yesterday, we had a nice call for about 20 minutes. I showed him all my numbers. But he said, 'I'm pretty convinced you're out of the woods.'"

Watch Rockett's full video message below.


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