Queen's Freddie Mercury witnessed the iconic "Bohemian Rhapsody" headbanging scene in Wayne's World just before he died. Not only that, but the singer "loved" it, Queen guitarist Brian May recently revealed.

The musician mentioned the previously unknown tidbit during a Wayne's World reunion conducted via video conference, now available to view as part of actor Josh Gad's Reunited Apart series. Both May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor took part in the panel in which May uncovered the story.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

Around the 32-minute mark of Reunited Apart's first Season 2 episode, May talks about showing the memorable scene to the Queen frontman who was then experiencing terminal complications of AIDS. Mercury died in 1991, but he got a look at the clip before the movie's debut in early 1992.

"You, Mike, did get me the videotape," May divulges to Wayne's World's creator and star, Canadian comedian Mike Myers. "It was a VHS or something. I took it 'round to Freddie not long before he went, and showed it to him, because you said you wanted to have that approval. And he loved it; he just laughed and laughed. He was very weak, but he just smiled and laughed. How wonderful is that?"

Upon the movie's premiere, Wayne's World exposed the British rockers in Queen to a whole new U.S. audience. According to the guitarist, that's also something Mercury appreciate before he passed.

May continues, "He'd been known to say, 'I suppose I have to die before we get America back.' But you guys did it. You got us back to a new American public. Freddie was very aware of that; you should know that he got totally into it. He went to the next place knowing what had happened and enjoying it."

Evidently, even the flick's leading man was previously unaware of this touching anecdote.

After May's revelation, a surprised and delighted Myers adds that he "didn't know that. My little Toronto head can't handle that. But that's fantastic."

Talk about a happy reunion — and one heck of a trivia item for both Wayne's World and Queen fans.

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