Our love for our pets knows no limits.  Obviously, we all think that our individual furry friends are the best pets in the world.  Now one Buffalo brewery wants to give your four-legged friend the chance to be their face on their cans for the summer of 2022.

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For the second straight year, Resurgence Brewing Company and the Ten Lives Club have teamed up, and are searching for Buffalo's "Top Dog" and "Coolest Cat".  One dog and one cat will be chosen to be the faces of Resurgence's summer brew for 2022 as part of the "Resurgence to the Rescue" photo contest.

Credit -Ten Lives Club
Credit -Ten Lives Club

Resurgence Brewing said via a statement from the 10 lives club:

We are extremely proud and excited to help the homeless dogs and cats at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and Ten Lives Club. Some of the most memorable events we’ve hosted have been centered around our four legged friends and we can’t wait to continue this partnership

The contest will benefit the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and Ten Lives Club rescue cats.  If you want to enter your fur baby, you can do so from now until 9 pm on Friday, May 13th.  There is no fee to enter your pet. They do ask that you only enter one pet at a time.

Credit - Ten Lives CLub
Credit - Ten Lives CLub

Every vote that is cast in the contest will cost $1, which will go directly to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and the Ten Live Club. They have a goal of raising $50,000 for this year's contest.

At the end of voting, the winners of the contest will be invited to a pet-friendly finale on July 10th, where the winning pets' faces will be revealed on the "Resurgence to the Rescue" cans for 2022.  All of the proceeds from the contest and the event will go towards helping homeless animals in Buffalo.

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