In a disturbing new report from the The New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT), school buses in New York are illegally passed over 40,000 times day. The survey taken January 19, 2017 involved 878 school bus drivers from 35 school districts. In the press release the NYAPT states:

"In the 35 school districts that participated in the survey that day, 878 school bus drivers reported they were passed a total of 727 times, including 88 passes on the passenger (or right) side of the school bus. That represents a marked increase in the number of right side passes reported."

The press release goes onto apply that rate to all districts and buses (50,000) in NY State which would mean that "the total estimated illegal passing rate is 41,401 passes for that day. That same calculation would mean that 5,011 motorists passed school buses on the RIGHT side of the bus that day."

These numbers are staggering and scary if you think about how many kids at given moment on any given day are in danger because of motorist not knowing or adhering to the law. In response to this report the Erie Country Clerk tweeted out a simple info graph showing the rules of the road when a bus is near you.

Read the full press release from the NYAPT HERE.

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