Scott Stapp has expanded his horizons a bit, putting his powerful voice to great use on the new song "Light Up the Sky" that features music composed by dance producers/DJs Wooli and Trivecta.

Stapp's soaring vocal perfectly fits the anthemic landscape created by his collaborators, still infusing a rock feel with more electronic elements to provide an epic piece of music that evokes a visual feel.

“This collab is definitely a ridiculously cool life moment. I grew up listening to Scott’s voice on the radio, so to get in a studio with him and bang out a song together was a super awesome experience," stated Trivecta, while Wooli added, “Sam and I built this song that we knew needed a strong vocal. We thought deep about what would sound good on the song and when we had the chance to work with Scott Stapp of Creed, we knew we were onto something."

As for Stapp, he also felt the magic upon hearing the music. “When I first heard the track, I instantly started recording melodies and lyrics. The piano, builds, crescendos, drops, and overall vibes just connected right away," said the singer. "I wanted to give voice to the idea that releasing life’s inevitable sadness, fear or regret is the first step to reclaiming the kind of intense joy and passion that this track explodes with."

"The music brought to mind the story of the phoenix’s transformation - the phoenix sets itself on fire, burning down everything that no longer serves it," Stapp adds, speaking more to the narrative. "In the process, he lights up the sky. For me, it epitomizes one’s ability to evolve. I’m grateful for Wooli and Trivecta for reaching out - here’s to blending two worlds and to unexpected opportunities that forge something beautiful and powerful.”

If you like what you hear, the song is available here.

Wooli, Trivecta + Scott Stapp, "Light Up the Sky"

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