What's your favorite scary movie? The famous question that started it all... or just made us afraid to babysit.  Oh yes, another Scream is hitting theaters this April.  I am starting to get the idea that horror movies never come to an end.
       Perfect example, Halloween, does Michael Myers ever die? And the better question is, would it even matter if he did? They would just bring him back to life, even though everyone in the audience saw him get stabbed 1,000 times.  Or how about Friday the 13th being combine with a Nightmare on Elm Street to give us Freddy Vs. Jason. Sometimes I think movie writers just drag it on so they don't have to come up with something new. And that's why we have yet again another sequel, Scream 4.  It includes some of the original cast, well the ones that survived, and adds in more naive characters, cause someone needs to die, and no way can it be Sidney because how could they write Scream 5... yeah that's probably already written, wouldn't be surprised.
       Yet, I know I will be one of the thousands that must see what they came up with this time for Scream 4.  Even though we love to mock these "amazing" horror sequels, we also can't help but watch them! Check out the trailer.