Guns N' Roses just announced their 2023 world tour dates, which means we finally get to see more of Axl Rose's serpentine dance again soon.

Though GN'R have a rather short discography compared to other rock 'n' roll bands of the same caliber, they still manage to play pretty lengthy shows. The key to the longevity of their concerts is the simple fact that they play a lot of songs. The average set list they played in 2018 during their Not in This Lifetime tour consisted of 30 songs, which is 10 more than they played in 1993, when they were supporting the Use Your Illusion albums... and were 30 years younger.

Guns have actually played the majority of the songs in their catalog live at least once. Out of Appetite for Destruction, GN'R Lies, Use Your Illusion I and II and Chinese Democracy, only four original songs that they've recorded and released haven't been played during a concert before.

That's right, we plugged all of Guns N' Roses' songs into's Tour Statistics and only found four that hadn't been played before. We didn't use songs from The Spaghetti Incident? because it's a covers album, but they've even tackled some of those.

You guessed it, "Welcome to the Jungle" is their most-played song ever. The majority of their top 10 most-played songs are from Appetite, with the exception of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Live and Let Die," "November Rain" and "You Could Be Mine."

Over the last two years, the rockers dropped two "new" songs, which were Chinese Democracy outtakes reworked with Duff McKagan and Slash called "Absurd" and "Hard Skool." The band's performed those quite a bit since they were released too.

Scroll below to see the four songs Guns N' Roses have never played live — and get your tickets to their tour here.

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