Steven Tyler's former manager is suing his current one, and trying to pin Tyler between a legal rock and a hard place in the process -- but the ever-feisty Aerosmith frontman is fighting back with a legal declaration that minces no words when it comes to why he swapped representation.

The trouble stems from accusations of inappropriate conduct made by Tyler's former manager, Allen Kovac, against his current one, Dina LaPolt. LaPolt worked for Kovac during Tyler's time as a client, and when Tyler left Kovac's fold, he hired LaPolt to stay on as part of his personal team. Kovac is understandably incensed, but according to TMZ, he's also accusing LaPolt of "trashing" him to Tyler.

If Tyler had any interest in staying on good terms with Kovac, this would all be pretty awkward. But according to papers obtained by TMZ, there's no love lost between the two. As Tyler put it in the declaration he filed on Monday (Dec. 17), "Among other things, he was disrespectful and rude to my business associates, insulted and verbally abused my fiancé, my lawyer, my family, my assistants, and my accountants. I wanted very much to end the relationship."

No word on when the lawsuit -- which Tyler refers to as "an outrage and a travesty" in the document -- will head to court, but as Tyler has made clear he's available to testify, we could quite possibly be hearing a lot more about it soon.