Don’t spend the weekend on the couch playing video game!  Get out and have fun!

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Look at your bucket list.  Is one of the items listed that you someday want to crash a wedding?  I got the perfect one for you!  It’s Tony and Tina’s wedding.  Actually it’s a production but you’ll never know the difference between this and a real wedding!  Tony and Tina’s wedding is taking place at the Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster.  Join everyone for an Italian American wedding in which the audience participates in all aspects of this fictitious event.   Spend the night at one of the best weddings ever!  You will toast the Bride and Groom, enjoy an Italian Buffet Dinner, stuff your face with some delicious Wedding Cake, and more.  My favorite part is the Bouquet and Garter toss.  Take down a few other single ladies as you grab for that beautiful bouquet!  Dance the night away even to the music of Donny Dulce and Fusion.  That’s just the beginning of the night too!  There’s so many other surprises in store for you too throughout the evening including the Sacred Dance of the Waiters, An impromptu performance by Tony’s Father’s Girlfriend, who happens to be a dancer (and I’m not talking about a ballet dancer either!), a drunken priest of course makes an appearance as well!  Finally who can forget about the family members bickering (yes that happens at pretty much every wedding) and you can never tell when the pregnant bridesmaid will go into labor!  Seriously it’s a wedding you’ll never forget!  It’s Tony and Tina’s wedding running now till March 2nd at the Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster

Finally not only should you get out and have some fun this weekend but throw in a little exercise as well!  First of all, running now till May 1st the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens welcome you out to Yoga at the Gardens.   I am horrible at Yoga but I even considered trying this event.  How seriously cool would it be doing Yoga among some of the prettiest plants out there!  So relaxing!  The event runs Sundays, Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  Then who could forget to mention ice skating!  You are doing exercise and you will hardly notice!  Get out to the Free Ice Skating at Rotary Rink.  Yes you read that correctly it’s a FREE event!  The rink is set up right in Fountain Plaza in Buffalo and is open every day but on Mondays and is open to the public!