You are not the only one who is considering the purchase of an electric car with the recent gas prices incline. Plus, it's probably been in the back of your mind since the five or six Super Bowl commercials featuring an electric vehicle. 

But is it even possible to drive an electric car in Western New York?

Now before you exit out of this article and find a way to contact me personally to call me an idiot for asking such a question (as if those insults actually make you feel better about yourself), allow me to explain what I mean.

In order to drive a regular car, you obviously need fuel, but to drive an electric car, you would have to have enough charging stations in the Northtowns and the Southtowns to keep your car charged long enough for you to make it to your destination.

And it’s not like you see as many electric charging stations around Western New York as you would see a gas station. 

So you get my point. 

Sure, you can drive an electric car and it would help the environment, blah blah blah…but realistically, could it keep a charge? Would the cold weather affect that in any way? How would repairs work?

Where would you even go around Western New York to charge your car?

Buffalo users on Reddit had a few ideas.

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To answer the question, yes, you can drive an electric car in Western New York, but you’ll be limited as to where you can go, how far you can travel on a single charge, and the cold will zap the charge faster than it typically would in optimal weather. 

If you can find a way to charge your car at home, you’re in even better shape to drive an electric car as your primary vehicle. Personally, I’d wait for a few more electric charging stations to become available. 

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