Those selfish Wisconsin teachers, sucking off the teat of the public sector with thier health care, 3 month vacations and king-like $50,000 a year salary. The Greed sickens me. Governor Scott Walker, and the Wisconsin Republicans did the right thing when they voted and pushed through Union-busting legislation this week.  To think that teachers dare ask for the right to negotiate thier own contracts. It's not like teachers are the engine that runs the economy like Wall Street (who have done such a great job in the last 3 years). We need to cut salaries and bargining rights for the middle-class and put the money where it belongs, in the hands of CEO's. We need to extend the Bush tax cuts to people making over $250,000 even though taxing the top 2 percent would close the deficit.  And we need to give corportations huge, bazillion dollar bail-outs.  Jon Stewart shines a spotlight on the hipocracy on the Daily Show.