One doesn't think of Barry Manilow when you hear the name Van Halen, but maybe we should.

Barry Manilow was a Van Halen fan before many of us had even heard their debut.

Why?, because unlike most of us, Barry was listening to Van Halen in the bars of L.A. before they got signed.

Barry played in New York City before he made it big, but once he became a star, he spent a lot of time in L.A. in the mid to late late 70's.

On one his his many nights on the town, Barry witnessed a young Eddie Van Halen playing the scene.

Barry knew this kid was going to be a star and he still listens to Van Halen to this day.

He even included a Manilow version of 'Jump' into some of his Vegas shows.

Let's just hope he doesn't do his version of "Atomic Punk' anytime soon.