It’s now June, which means that it’s the most lackluster part of the year for NFL news. It really is a 12-month business but June is usually the least amount of things happening around the league.

However, the Buffalo Bills made a move on Tuesday that likely indicates a big move is on the very near horizon.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, the Bills on Tuesday converted $11.7 million of Stefon Diggs’ 2021 base salary into a signing bonus. The move frees up nearly $8 million of cap space for the 2021 season and likely means a roster move will follow.

But what move will the Bills be making?

Looking at their roster, there really aren’t many holes. However, one area that many feel can be improved for a Super Bowl run is tight end.

If you remember earlier this offseason, rumors were swirling that Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz would likely be traded, and the Bills were at the top of the list of teams who could use a tight end of his age and caliber, ready for a playoff run.

Ertz probably doesn’t want to stay with the Eagles after all the changes this offseason and a roster in more of a rebuilding mode. The Bills make a lot of sense.

Ertz has been hurt a few times, but when healthy he’s been one of the most productive pass-catching tight ends in the NFL in the last eight seasons.

Will it be Ertz? Will it be a Josh Allen extension? That’s another possibility. We’ll just have to wait and see...

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