Part one of remembering all the great concerts at The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium or Aud. This time we go into the 1970s.

Mention the concerts to anyone and the memories will be sure to follow. In this three-part series, we start in the 1970s. I was but a child then but there are so many Western New Yorkers that remember these shows and I enjoy hearing their stories.

And the concert experience when you first started going to shows was almost surreal. There you are, standing among a sea of people, with the waves of music crashing over you like you're standing in the surf. The vibration of the crowd somehow connected you to everyone else. And it was then that the music truly became part of your soul, the soundtrack of your life.

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How many shows in the 70s did you see at the Aud? (There is a list compiled from Concert Archives of all the shows)

Opened in 1940, The Aud's first show of 1970 was no other than The King, Elvis Presley, April 5, 1972, almost 15 years to the day after his first show on April 1, 1957. Other shows that followed throughout the decade. 

Here are some memorable iconic acts that graced the Aud stage:

AC/DC September 27, 1978: Bon Scott was the lead singer and unfortunately the last time he would play the Aud with AC/DC as he passed away two years later

QUEEN November 28, 1978: I can only imagine how cool it would have been to see Freddy Mercury and Queen playing at the top of their game.

KISS Aug 8, 1979: I have friends my age who went to this show. They were nine or ten at the time and their parents totally rocked.

If you were lucky enough to attend any of the shows, I hope this brought back some great memories.


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