Thanksgiving Eve is traditionally known as the biggest party night of the year. More than 80 million Americans will gather with friends on that Wednesday, according to a survey conducted by Miller Lite.

Due to the fact that everybody (well almost everyone) is off on Thanksgiving, it's the perfect night for everyone to get out and spend time with friends -- not to mention drink their faces off. "Beersgiving" was supposedly named upon the spirit of reconnecting with friends.

Kelton Research (on behalf of Miller Lite) found that:

  • Over half (57 percent) of men ages 21-34 often spend Thanksgiving Eve with friends.
  • Close to two-thirds (65 percent) of beer drinkers say they've celebrated with friends the night before Thanksgiving.
  • Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of men 21-34 enjoy Thanksgiving Eve more than Thanksgiving Day.

Especially around Buffalo, because we like to drink, this has been a tradition for many years for all ages (if you're over 21, that is). The bars are packed because of the amount of people that just love to have a good time in this city.

Along with this night may come nasty hangovers, so our advice is not to drink too much and spoil your Thanksgiving dinner.  But who are we to say anything?  Four in 10 Americans would rather have a beer than a slice of pie on Thanksgiving (which just sounds crazy, if you ask us. You can have beer the other 364 days of the year!).

Many local bars will be having drink specials and buffets that night to celebrate this event.

The question is, on Wednesday are you going to party like it's 1621 (the year of the first Thanksgiving, for those who don't know)?

Contributed by Brittany Collins

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