Living in South Buffalo near Lackawanna, it's easy to forget just how fortunate I am that the Botanical Gardens on South Park Ave. is so close to where I reside. It literally takes less than five minutes to get there for me.

The Botanical Gardens are stunning on the inside, which is the reason why people visit the landmark, but the view on the outside can be just as beautiful, as we learned a few days ago.

According to Step Out Buffalo, this was a photo taken by @highpeaks_ai of the Botanical Gardens during the night and it's lit up with so many colors! Check out the photo below.

It actually took me a few seconds to realize I was in fact staring at the Botanical Gardens. I've never seen an aerial view of the building and there's no way anyone will beat that photo. Does it look like that every night?

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If you're interested in going to the Botanical Gardens this summer, they have extended their hours until 7 p.m. on Thursdays through August, with their "Garden and Grub" event. It will include outdoor seating and food trucks at the gardens, which will feature Fat Bob's Smokehouse and 42 North Brewing Company, and more! It will be weather-dependent, however.

The Botanical Gardens in the spring and summer is something everyone should be doing in Western New York!

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